-The Interline Club of Portugal is an association founded in 1978 in Lisbon, with delegations in Porto, Faro, Madeira Island and the Azores Islands, which congregates the employees of the commercial Airline Companies which have their office in Portugal. Its headquarters and offices are located in Lisbon - Portugal. Its main purpose is to promote, among its members, events that deal with recreational, cultural, social, sportive affairs and also charity support as described below:

  • Encourage tourist travelling and promote National and International sports championships.
  • Promote Art shows, Talk shows and Cultural strolls.
  • Promote social gatherings and reciprocal exchange between other similar National or International Associations.
  • Organize Grand Parties or use other type of activities to collect funds and subsequently distribute it to National and International charity Organizations.
  • Promote meetings between different type of airline professionals in order to ameliorate the inter Company relations.
  • Encourage participation in the events organized by other Clubs in all the continents, members of the W.A.C.A. - World Airline Club Association.
Free Translation by: Joao G. Silva